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Fixed Asset Accounting With Excel


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Fixed Asset Accounting With Excel
The fixed asset accounting workbooks provide all you need to manage up to 10,000 asset records in Excel.Each asset can be defined by its location (100 max), asset class (100 max) and the depreciation months and salvage percentage.Everything is so easy with Excel. Excel links location, asset class, depreciation lives together and you can filter and sort records just anyway you want.Depreciation reported for any month end. Users can wind the month end date backwards or forwards to recalculate asset purchases, depreciation and book values by department and asset class for any selected date.Bonus free additional software until March 31st, 2008. 3 years free E-Mail Address Organiser PRO 3.0 with a built-in PayPal organiser as well. Links to our GlobalTech Address Book are included. You can take a quick look at our E-Mail software this address: file download or select CD edition shipping. If you choose to download, please wait until we catch up with your order. When confirmation is received we will set up your E-Mail Address logins and send a confirmation email to you.
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Author: Millennium Software Inc
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